Hebrews 4:16

Let us then come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fresh Water

This morning as I was flipping through my favorite new little toy, My Nook.... :) I was reading through a passage of scripture that made me stop and re-read...re-read ... and re-read again.

Isn't it great when God gets a hold of our hearts and captures our attention with the simplest of phrases?

A cup of Fresh Water is enough!

I was asking the Lord to reveal His heart to me regarding something that He has opened the door for me to step through. Feeling so inadequately prepared to confidently stride into the unknown, I came to a place of prayer this morning.... seeking His heart. Asking for His Wisdom and looking for His guiding mercy.

I came upon the scripture in Matthew chapter 10. Jesus is speaking to the disciples... the harvesters... and giving them an overview of what He would advise them to do. He was giving them a "to do" list, if you will.

If you look through this chapter you see that it starts with the power of what was within them to preach, and to heal and to overtake the dominion of darkness in the lives of those whom they were to be meeting in the towns and the cities where they would find themselves as guests.

They were told how to enter each town and what to do when received both in the favorable and unfavorable light.

They were warned to be on guard. To be "wise as serpents and harmless as doves".(vs 16)

He prophesied to them, an admonition of what was to come. He told them to EXPECT it.

Do you EXPECT the bumps in the road which steal your joy?

What about those quick curves which catch you unaware?

He warned them not to be caught unaware because we are like sheep being sent forth among the wolves.

He declared that the student does not rise above his Master, what is done to one... will be done to the other. Yet he told them to Rejoice! It is for a purpose, the testimony that comes from trials serves a purpose that is not measured in earthly bank accounts. It should point back to Him, for His glory.. to reveal truth.

Jesus alone is truth.

The disciples were reminded that they need not be afraid, God knew the number of hairs on their head. He clarified the meaning of losing your lower life to gain your heavenly existence.

The revelation that when people welcomed them, they welcomed Christ. When they rejected them, it was not them but Christ in them.

And here is what was such a blessing to me.

Matthew 10:42 -" and whoever gives even a cup of water,... he shall not lose his reward."

He has sent us out! He sends out in the resurrection power and glory that was exemplified on the cross but... oh, that little word. A connecting word that ties 2 thoughts together..

But, it is that simplified gift of a cup of water which can bring the blessing. There is a time and purpose for the power, for the preaching, for the praying and interceeding. There is a time for the breaking off of the spiritual ropes which tie us down.

Yet, the fresh water, that living water, that comes only from Him. We will never thirst again, because we have the knowledge of the source.

Think of how sweet fresh water is. Think of how welcoming it is to drink when you're throat is parched and dry. Think of the life that is nourished through this resource.

The simplicity of this is so profound that we may just miss it.

The power isn't in the big magnificent display, only. The power is in the beginning, small and purpose-filled steps.

Offer a drink of water. Fresh water, filled from the cistern of which there is no end. Dig deep, drink slow, and be nourished with just one cup.

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