Hebrews 4:16

Let us then come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hanging Laundry

I have had this thought jumping around in my head for so long and when I happened upon and unopened e-mail tonight I realized I needed to share it.

I LOVE to hang my laundry out on the clothesline. Who loves their laundry?? Am I crazy or what? No, like the dishes I have come to find that when I put the job in proper perspective, (ie: doing it for Jesus and using the time for Him) I can accomplish so much and be blessed with abundance through it.

I have had some amazing conversations with my children and my friends while hanging out the laundry. Most noteably the subject of the correct way to hang your laundry on the line. :) ha!yes.. I said that.. the correct way to hang out your laundry. Did you know there was a specific way to do it? We'll get to that later but let me expound on why I love my laundry hanging out to dry rather than in the dryer.

1. It smells WONDERFUL!
2. I get much more done in one day.
3. It all gets folded and put in the right place.
4. It saves me money.
5. It is a great incentive to get moving and get my washing done.
6. It gives me opportunities to pray and talk with the Lord.

Now.. it looks as my priorities are slightly askew here... #6 should be 1st, right. I think they all have equal value. But I find it makes me just smile to see the clothes flapping on the line. I see the physical effort of taking care of my family and trying to do it the best way I know how. I see a clear result of productivity and feel pleased that I accomplished something for the day. I remember the conversations I had with the Lord while taking the time to hang up each piece of clothing and the prayer of thanks for those who wore each piece of clothing. And I appreciate the beauty of His creation, the gift of living in a place where I have the freedom to pursue what I love and be at home taking care of my family. I am blessed and doing laundry reminds me of those blessings.

So.. the next time you are overwhelmed with piles of laundry waiting, remember the One who is waiting for you. Thank Him for the job ahead, the ability to do that job and the blessing of serving your family in the most honored way.

And.. now to the proper way of haning out your clothes or should I say.. this is how I do it and there are some articles below that give you input from other "experts". :)

1. I hang all my pants from the bottom of the legs. ( waist band hanging down). They dry a little faster and there are not any wrinkles.
2. I hang my shirts from the waist or bottom with the tops and sleeves hanging down. *
3. Hang corner to corner. ( corner of one shirt to the corner of the next)*
4. I hang all the shirts together on one line and the pants/bottoms on another.
5. Sheets and blankets are hung over the line in half.
6. All underclothes are hung over the clothespins of the clothing already hung up.*
7. Hang in the order you are going to take off and fold.**
I can't think of anything else specific but these are the answers to questions I have been asked.
* all suggestions with an * at the end are listed not because of a specific rule on the correct way but to meet my ever pressing need of limited clothespins! :)hee-hee
**This is done mostly on the days I am being rather specific. I used to do this when I was newly married and didn't have children and a whole list of things to do. But.. the idea is good and I do take them off the line in a specific manner. Folding the pants first and putting all the socks, underclothes, etc. in the bottom where the folding isn't as important.

I do fold everything that I take off the line so that when I come in the house it goes straight to the dresser or room of its intended owner.

A few websites with suggestions:

Did you know that National Hanging Out day is April 19th? Established as a way to get people to use their clotheslines rather than their dryers and further a better environment.

Here is an idea of how to make a drying rack for your laundry room. ( or wherever you want to put it!)

Here is a devotional to go along with our little topic.

I have enjoyed sharing this post. I hope it is helpful to you! If you are still not convinced, that is ok! :)

Blessings to you !


  1. Dawn, you bless me! I would just add one thing to that list... make sure the wind is not coming from the east before hanging laundry. (This only applies if you live west of a hog confinement operation, as we do)

  2. LOL Amy! And Dawn, as surprised as I was that there would be any rules about hanging out laundry, I was even more surprised that I knew a few of them! No clothes line here (well, we had a makeshift one last week when the dryer went out...). Your attitude is a blessing, thanks for sharing! Merry :-)

  3. Okay, girl, the next time you laugh at me because my yard has to be mowed perfectly I'm going to remind you of your laundry rules. Now...I'm trying to figure out if your laundry hanging is a little Monkish like my yard mowing. Actually you are very right with everything you said but when I read how perfect your laundry has to hang I was reminded of how you laugh at me over the way I mow the yard. You know I love you!!