Hebrews 4:16

Let us then come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A life touched by Grace

I sit quietly and watch her, this woman who means more than I can put into words.

I think of the times she has held me and quieted my tears. I remember the moments of silent teaching as she guided my choices in life. I smile as I remember her jokes and how she laughed with just me.

My childhood memories revolved around times with her. I see her hands, her smile... I hear her laugh. She taught me then..... she is teaching me know.

A life touched by Grace.

Her eyes have seen many lifetimes; her heart has born many scars. She has buried her loved ones and triumphed over adversity. She has raised her children and invested in the lives of her grandchildren, leaving an indelible mark of her fingerprint upon them. She has blessed the many who have been privileged to call her friend.

I hold her hand. The hands that I see as I hold up my own. I have her hands, I have so much of her which comes out in all I do. Those hands taught me to cook, to braid, to play games, to pray.

I see her in the kitchen making me breakfast. I remember that when I make breakfast in my own kitchen.

I look at the newspaper and smile as I remember how fun it was to be asked if I would like to read her paper. We read together. She read the news... I read the funnies.

I sit with my coffee now, as an adult, and enjoy this time to share with her. I remember her laugh she found out I also enjoyed her favorite drink.

I see the impact she has made on my children. Their life never to be the same.

I see the traditions she has started and passed down and I rejoice that I could call her grandma.

Today as I watch her I rejoice. I thank my gracious God for the gift of her. I embrace her, kiss her face, hold her close and hang on to the time He has given us together. I tell her that I love her, then I tell her how much I like to be with her. I am so thankful that now I can serve her and give her the freedom to be as dignified as a queen when we honor her life touched by grace.

She taught me grace. She brought me to the throne of mercy as a young child and modeled a life of faith and gentle surrender. She has endured much and seen the fruit of her hands take shape. She has given till there was nothing left and has blessed out of a deep desire to show His love to others.

Today I want to honor this amazing beautiful daughter of the King, a woman whose faith and belief in her family humbles my heart. She sets the example of a loving and devoted matriarch who is now aging as gracefully as she can and knowing her time is but a gift to us all. She is patient in her waiting. She beautiful. She is precious. She is loved.

A life touched by grace is the whisper of beauty which leaves its mark upon the lives of those who are blessed to come to receive of the bounties which flow through it.

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