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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Status: Transforming.....

I couldn't resist sharing this today. As I sat with my own devotions I was reminded of the season of life the Lord has called me to at this time. This post, by Ann Voskamp, is a confirmation of that profound simplicity of the importance of time. It is what we do with our time not how much we get done in the midst of our time which radiates blessed lives. That is not said in a judgmental implication, but a revelation of truth I am learning.

Time, for some, is a love language. It is my love language, I have been told. It is a representation of those things that minister to our heart.

So how does this reflect the depth of what we do with our time. Today my time was to just sit with my King. Do you realize that even in saying Lord, we are proclaiming that He is the master of our lives. We are servant to that master. Yet, so often I have replaced the titles; switched roles of the title Master in my own life.

Isn't it His role to redeem the lost time in our lives, yet I often perceive it is my use of time which dictates a "good" day. A day that I can add to my growing list of pride-filled accomplishments. Ouch! Sometimes I don't realize how far I have fallen from this journey of grace.

Grace.... ah, a gift of a word. Do I live a life filled with grace?
Does grace impart into my time-living?

What is the purpose of time fully spent if we are spent by the end of the day and have failed to be refilled by the sole presence of the expression of infinite time?

The Lord has been challenging me to sit with Him in my mornings. To just sit. How hard would that be for you? I find that in my effort to maximize my time I was fitting Him into a slot which "FIT" me.

So, I am learning the beauty of coffee time with Jesus. Yes.. I said that. I have found my only little place that is just for me, in my home. I fill my vessel and seek that time carved just for me, by Him to just sit with Him. Have you ever done that? Just invited him in for tea, or coffee, or whatever it is that blesses your heart?

I sat there this morning, trying to focus my thoughts on my Savior. Just to learn to rest in Him. I began thinking how I could use this time much more wisely. You know.. get the devotions complete, check. Pray... let's see, who did I say I would pray for??, oh.. yes.. pray, check. Ok, um, what do I need to accomplish today?... Hmmm ... Oh, I am sorry Lord. I forgot. I was suppsed to sit. I was supposed to just sit with you. No talking is necessary at this point in my day. Just sit.

So... I sit.

And I feel his heart touch my own and I cry. Not a condemnation, but a heartfelt hug from the One who truly sees me. He gets us. Do you know that? He sees us. His love for us is real. It is palpable. It is felt. It is transforming and it is full of grace.

Grace! Grace for time redeemed. Grace for time spent in fellowship with the only source which can replenish our souls need to continue.

Do you know what else? It is the only time in the day I can drink a cup of coffee and it stays hot. Isn't that funny? Isn't it a wonder how He does those little things to remind us of His joy in what we enjoy. A cup of coffee.... who'da thunk it?

Then I open my devotinal, look to His word and I read. "These quiet moments with me transcend time, accomplishing far more than you can imagine." ( I am reading from 40 Days with Jesus by Sarah Young.. a devotional for Lent but I can't wait till Lent starts so I read now.)

Again I sit and marvel at the depth of His wisdom. Of his well appointed time, which is always on time. At the way He always meets me. My faithful, true, Lord. My eternal King.

We are coming into a the season of Lent, which has a different look for everyone but it's purpose... that purpose of tradition, truly is meant to draw us to the cross. It is meant to remind us to look up with unveiled faces at the One who gives all good gifts to us. It is a reminder that until the day we are called to His side, he is continually perfecting us. ( Phil 1:6) A sweet remembrance that it is that quiet restructuring that only He can perform, heart surgery if you will, on those ever present heart beats which draw us away from his plan for us.

Even trials are a gift. A gift of learning what His peace is.
Quietness... resting is a gift of letting his Love embrace and fill our hearts so that we are changing from glory to glory.
Trusting though it seems as if we are falling is a gift of knowing that we can rely on His strong arm which is not too short to save us.

2 Corinthians 3:18 says, " And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."

Psalm 73: 23-24 says, " Yet, I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory."

When we slow down... when we clear our calendar to make time just to sit at his feet... when we push out all that is competing with His voice... we hear Him. We are changed from glory to glory and then see with kingdom eyes. As I sat today meditating on the verses above and realizing how much I actually strive to perfect myself in to the image I have assumed was acceptable, I have eliminated the most important element. The hands that hold the tools must be the hands of the master carver who alone has the wisdom to call forth the finished artwork which He was able to see long before my days were a reality.

Praying your day-timer includes coffee ( or tea or...whatever makes you smile) with the King.

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