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Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Morning,

I came across this article this in my inbox today http://heartofwisdom.com/blog/homeschool-controversy-anti-bible-bible-curriculum/. Robin does a good job at sharing her heart on this topic so I'll let you develop your own opinions. If you haven't read Ken Ham's blog, he shares a lengthy post about the recent developments of his being removed from the speaking list of certain national HS conventions. Ken Ham's FB post I am sure if you google it you can find a plethora of posts on the topic.

The thing that really has caused me to pause, however, is how easily I can pass over this topic and think it has no effect on us because we don't "believe" that. Yet, in truth, it does. It does because the Word of God is truth. Jesus, himself, carries the name of Truth and as Christians Hebrews 11:6 tells us that those that come to God must believe that HE is ( exactly who He says He is) and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.

I considered not passing this along yet, in truth we do need to think about what we are settling for with our kids in these deeper subjects and being able to teach them to articulate a founded response. I am sure it is not a first, nor will it be the last time we see this kind of stuff become controversial. However, I am finding that my heart has been moved to truly bring this to my kids and show them with God's Word what the truth really is and how our response is significantly important in a world where compromise has been a byword.

I noticed this recently in 2 books that we purchased for our kids to study astronomy. We have 2 very opposing books, placed on the same shelf in a Christian book store, which shocked me. Mr. Walt Sivertsen, from Midwest Creation Fellowship ,addressed many of the same ideas in his presentation at the science fair last week. The arguments are based on philosophies, often man-made, that bring about the confusion. The Bible addresses this in the way that man tries to reason out what he sees... which is foolishness compared to God's Wisdom. Hebrews 11:3 tells us clearly that what we see was formed by what we don't see and it is through Faith that the world was formed.

When I see the conviction to think critically as promoted by many, I wonder and pray...at what expense does thinking critically come and what do we give up in order to do that??? I would just encourage you to discuss this with your kids. There is a book called, Taking Back Astronomy by Jason Lisle. He addresses the many fallacies in the ruling theories that have been promoted by both Christians and non-Christians alike. I think that the things Ken Ham is addressing is that as homeshcoolers, especially Christian homeschoolers, we keep our kids home because we want them to be protected from unfiltered information. Yet, in honesty all information that is printed has a bias.

My question was... if you look at education as whole, historically started by the Church ( all the way back to the Middle Ages) and the transition it has taken from a conservative belief in the Creator to no longer being able to say His name in the building.... to science being the study of God's creation and now ruled by theory of evolution... to what? You know it isn't the problem of stating our opinion, yet when we choose to take God out of that equation true wisdom is no longer visible and folly and chaos are continually rampant. I would encourage you to include some sort of Logic and Origins in your curriculum at some point to equip your children and yourself with the tools to recognize ideas and concepts that are fallacies.

Some books that have been great reads for us this year.

The Soul of Science by Nancy Pearcy

Defeating Darwinism by Phillip Johnson

It couldn't just happen by Lawrence Richards

Fallacy Detective by The Bluedorns

Logic by Memoria press

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