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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cool Blog and fun patterns

I have to share this blog with you tonight. I found this while reading another blog and have been so blessed by the things that are shared. There is a devotion to the Lord that is refreshing and all the fun crafts are the icing on the cake for me. Today she shared this new bag pattern. I am a fool for bags! Love them. I will share some patterns for bags I have made below but I had to give first dibs to this one.
search for the Prairie Flower Book Bag Pattern

Here is another pattern I found on-line that looks easy and super cute.


Here is a pattern for a laptop bag.

This little purse is made from fat quarters. :) cool!

I love to make my bags out of charm squares.

Here is a pattern that I have not made but I believe it will be my next project! :)

This is a link to a website who has a free pattern download for a similar bag that I have made many times. In fact, this is the bag that I have given to some of my dear friends as a gift when I have the time and the material to put one together.

The link shows a bag with 47+ charm squares for the body of the tote. The bag I have made is similar in width but I use 27 squares for the body plus 8 for the handles.

Another really neat idea is to get 2 place mats, sew(right sides together) around all the sides except the top. Turn out and sew a handle(s) on the bag, perhaps a button, snap or tie to close and voila! You have a very nice and functional, not to mention sturdy bag. I went to the thrift store and bought some belts for $1 to use for my handles. All the bags I made were larger and I wanted them to have long handles so they could be used to carry things such as books, etc.

I made one for each of my girls for Christmas. They love them and use them when the go to the library.

Here are a few links to some patterns I found for this bag:

I have also made my own patterns for bags that I have seen and wanted to try to make. I start with a general size reference and shape and then go from there. Typically, the quilter in me spends a lot more time focusing on the geometrics of the pattern, but it all usually comes together nicely. I have found that if I use a strong sturdy backing for the handles that they last longer, as well as not too many pieces in the handle at stress points. This I learned from experience, as I have been repairing my own bag recently. :)

Perhaps this will put you in the mood to sew!

Blessings to you !

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